Tuesday, December 8, 2015

John Paul

Ahh JP, what are we going to do with you?  You have figured out how to work the baby gate in your room (a long time ago now actually) so we taped the gate shut, and then you figured out how to climb over the gate by standing on boxes that we use to hold your toys, so we removed the boxes, and then you figured out how to prop up your mattress over the gate and use that to scale the gate, and then you used your comforter and draped it over the gate as traction, and then you used the door handle (we used to keep your door open) to pull yourself out of your room, and now you can just scale the gate.  And what you will do is sneak out of your room in the morning and not wake us up but sneak around the house getting into trouble, like when you snuck into the pantry and took an entire box of chocolate covered pretzels and ate half of the box while hiding behind the couch - where you hide when you are doing something naughty.

"Mama, we hafta decorate the tree with a pumpkin so we get ready for baby Jesus to come."

I took you to see your first movie at a movie theatre, Snoopy.  You were so excited.  We got Chinese food at Wegmans before the movie but we had to eat in the car because there were no open tables!  

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